India stands at top in terms of skilled human resources and productivity. But the skilled people are migrating to other countries in order to seek better opportunities, instead of exploring the everlasting possibilities available here. Thus we are forced to use foreign gadgets, compromising price, weather adaptability, customizability, service and finally convenience. This phenomenon also results in the reduction of GDP of our country. Maxwell Technologies aims at providing innovative world-class entrance automation products, which suits the requirements of our country and satisfies the diverse taste of our people. The technology, materials and manufacturing methodology has been developed through years of Research and Development – namely Adjustable Torque Slipdisc (ATS) mechanism, Motorized Bolt-Lock, use of “Duracon” engineering plastic, extrawide opening, error-free and fast manufacturing process, steel hardening and lubricating methods, fast and simple product installation method etc. Research has been performed also for lightning and surge protection. Our system can be operated during power-cuts, and even during thunderstorm. Thus the product is “innovative” and have extended lifetime, compared to other imported counterparts, because of the use of above said techniques. So, it can even perform better in foreign markets too. The Swing-Gate Actuator is manufactured in 3 models, depending on opening angle and gate weight. Nexus 120 is for 120 degree opening, Nexus 150 for 150 degree opening and Nexus 180 for more than 180 degree opening. Nexus 120 can also be used for operating Sliding Gates with slight modifications. Also, the concept of various models with different pricing is essential for attracting customers with different attitudes and tastes.