Nobody has time for exercise or rest in the present busy and hasty life. Various types of diseases are increasing day by day. Life span of human being is decreasing in the present fast growing world. It is only because of unhealthy food practices and consumption of intoxicating substances. The soft drinks that we consumes to drive away tiredness available in market are not good but harmful also. We are living in the midst of croresof germs or harmful microbes by fighting against them. But we can survive only to an extent. If we got infected with disease unfortunately we cannot escape from its after effects. The only remedy available is to increase immunity and protect health. There is the importance of “prevention is better than cure”. Even though there are number of methods or ways to improve immunity, nobody is trying to apply it. The profit oriented business of food products is shutting eyes to the health hazards that they creates. Children and youth are the main consumers of soft drinks and packed foods. Absolutely there should not be any compromise in maintaing the standards of food products and soft drinks since children and youth are the builders of nation tomorrow. Here is the importance of my project introducing before the start up mission.